FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I get additional keys to my safe?
Additional keys may be purchased from Interplus. Please have your product's serial number ready when you call so that we can source it from the manufacturer.

Where can I find the serial number for my product?
Serial numbers for safes are usually located at the top, on your front right-hand corner. The serial numbers are visible without having to open the product.

I've lost the combination to my safe. How do I find it?
Depending on the product and the type of lock, Interplus Technical Service Department may be able to help. Please contact us for more information. Please have your product's Model number and be near the product when you call.

Can I order replacement handles, locks or other parts for my safe?
Interplus Technical Service Department may be able to help.
Please have your product's Model number and be near the product when you call.

Are there any hazardous materials in the products?
No hazardous materials are used in our products.

Is special maintenance required for my product?
Interplus offers aftersales service with every product. This ensures that the Product continues performing at peak.

What extra steps should I take to deter theft?
To complement superior protection available from our products, consider the following:
Always keep the product closed and securely locked when not in use.
Do not share the code, combination or key to a product with anyone or keep them near (or in) the product

Can I change the combination on any safe myself?
Safes with a traditional dial combination are available in either changeable or with preset number combination. Preset numbers are not changeable. All electronic combination locks are changeable by following the manufacturer's instructions carefully.

What if the batteries run down on a safe with an electronic lock?
Even if the batteries go completely dead, the lock will remember your combination. All Electronic locks are designed to save your combination through an internal memory .Batteries are very easy to replace by following the manufacturer instructions.

What is the difference between a fireproof document safe and a fireproof data safe?
Vital and irreplaceable company paperwork (for example tax records, customer information, deeds and registration certificates) are crucial to the survival of businesses, and need protection not just from theft, but also from fire.
fire-proof safe is a safe designed to retain an internal temperature of less than 177C in order to avoid damage to documents, paperwork or cash. At temperatures greater than this paper will combust and be destroyed.
Fireproof Data Safe
The vast majority of businesses and homes now have computers and other electronic media devices. A Fireproof Data Safe is specifically designed to store not just paperwork and documents, but also vital and irreplaceable computer media and back-ups, such as Flash Disks, CDs,DVDs and Hard drives. Fireproof Data Safes are suitable for any valuable plastic or man-made materials.
Computer media is more vulnerable to heat than paper documents are. Fireproof Data Safes offer greater protection from fire than fireproof document safes, as they maintain a temperature of 52C or less for a specified time period. At temperatures greater than 52C computer media can become corrupted or be destroyed.

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